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The Guarneri Society of Switzerland’s Guide to Collectors’ Violins, Part 1

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The Guarneri Society of Switzerland is an organization of maestros, artistic performers, and violin connoisseurs who are devoted to ensuring violinists have the support and equipment necessary to perform. With the desire to assist violinists in their efforts to purchase their instruments, the Guarneri Society of Switzerland is offering the following primer on collectible violins.


Many people wonder if there is a difference between a lower-cost violin and a collectible, more expensive one. There can be huge differences in quality and sound, and several factors contribute to the overall quality. Certain violins are also prized for their history, maker, and other qualities aside from sound that can affect the investment value.


Beginner’s violins can be found more affordably and are usually produced on an assembly line, instead of by hand. It is not recommended to purchase an inexpensive violin as quality may be severely compromised at this level. For any intermediate or advanced violinist, prices can range widely. Violins can vary greatly at these levels, and sometimes the bow will be sold separately.


For the professional violinist and collector, values can easily skyrocket beyond $50,000 and up into the millions. At these levels, violins are often antiques and from well-known violin makers. Care must be taken to ensure these instruments come from a reputable dealer and are properly appraised, as counterfeit versions are often found. The Guarneri Society is experienced and knowledgeable regarding the appraisal and care of these investment-level instruments.



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